Vu+ Uno 4K SE

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The Strongly-Enhanced UHD Receiver, it is now real.


UHD Receiver with More Power Powerful dual core 1.7GHz CPU and 2GB DDR4
Ensures the maximum performance.

Unreal video quality with 4K HDR With 4K HDR (High Dynamic Range),
UNO 4K SE delivers outstanding picture quality.
Experience real and vivid images.

Advanced Pluggable Tuner System
supporting one of the three tuner types

Dual FBC DVB-S2 or,


Dual DVB-T2

Mini TV, Smarter Interface 2.4“ LCD enables a 2nd screen for live TV, Info, and more and more.

  • Features


  • 1x Advanced Pluggable Tuner System for Dual FBC DVB-S2 or FBC DVB-C or Dual DVB-T2 Tuner
  • Dual Core 1.7GHz
  • HDMI In & HDMI Out
  • 4GB eMMC/2GB DDR4
  • 2x USB 3.0
  • 2.4” LCD for Mini TV
  • Transcoding
  • Detachable 2.5” HDD
  • HDR10/HLG
  • 1x Common Interface/1x Smart Card
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